Cardi B was a guest on Angela Yee’s “Lip Service” podcast where she discussed her debut album ranking at #16 on Rolling Stone’s 200 Greatest Hip Hop Album list, ahead of classics like Nas’ “Illmatic.”

“They was dragging me like ‘How dare them put Cardi before Nas.’ … I was like, oh my goodness. I just woke up and I’m getting my ass dragged. I didn’t even ask for this,” Cardi said about the list.

“You know, I understand that people feel a certain type of way. But don’t try to disrespect me or my work or my album because your mother was listening to my sh_t, your bi__h was driving, listening to fu__ing ‘Be Careful.’ All y’all bit__es, all y’all hoes. So it’s like, don’t even try it.”

Cardi says that lists like the one Rolling Stone put out generally cause “a stir.” “Yeah, it was, like, a setup. Rolling Stone, you trying to set me up,” Cardi said. “You got my ass dragged on a fu__ing Tuesday for no reason.”

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