Cardi B is definitely in her bag! The rapper/actress/businesswoman’s latest venture is her Whipshots alcoholic cream is more like the Four Loko for Gen Z.

Remember the late 90s when everyone was going crazy for the now-banned Four Loko drinks? They packed a big alcoholic punch with a big dose of sugar.

Cardi’s Whipshots come in three flavors: vanilla, caramel, and mocha and contain 10 percent alcohol by volume, and are a cross between a Four Loko and a whippet (ask your parents about them).

Whipshots have been selling out within seconds of being posted online and it’s will only get crazier when they hit store shelves in early 2022.

Cardi isn’t slowing down anytime soon, she is now the creative director of Playboy and fans are still waiting on her Sophomore album…that’s right Cardi only has one album, which means there is still a lot more Cardi to come.

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