We 94.5’s Drive To End Hunger

These are unprecedented times with so many needs in our community right now.  One of the greatest needs is the support of the San Antonio Food Bank.  While non-perishable items are always welcomed, the most critical need right now is cash.  With cash on hand, the San Antonio Food Bank can make available to the needy the items most pressing at the moment. The San Antonio Food Bank works tirelessly to eradicate hunger throughout 16 counties in Southwest Texas. We may be called the “San Antonio” Food Bank, but hunger knows no boundaries.

The San Antonio Food Bank needs your help now more than ever. The effects of COVID-19 have unfortunately brought food insecurity to more members of our community. For every $1 the San Antonio Food Bank is gifted, they can provide 10 pounds of food to those in need. Thank you to our sponsors and our wonderful listeners. Give what you can so we can Drive To End Hunger!

Join us and our partners Jon Wayne Service Company, Pelaez Law Firm, and Institute for Functional Health to give what you can.

Drop Off Locations

Learn more about the San Antonio Food Bank and their mission to fight hunger in our community. Visit their website or follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


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