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Jhené Aiko Shows Off Her Vocal In Tiny Desk Concert

Jhené Aiko’s fans have been begging for this to happen and it finally did.

In this latest offering of the Tiny Desk (home) concert, R&B star Jhené Aiko easily glides through an eight-song medley for her legions of fans.

As with many R&B artists, Jhené has carved out a space of her own over the past decade, despite a rapidly changing and ever expanding R&B landscape.

Chilombo, her latest album released just before the pandemic hit the U.S., gave us her iconic penchant we’ve grown accustomed to in her songs and that same aesthetic came out in her Tiny Desk.

In only true Aiko fashion, she bookended her set with a bath of singing bowls that’s peace personified.

“Lotus (Intro)”
“Do Better Blues”
“To Love & Die”
“Born Tired”
“Summer 2020”
“Eternal Sunshine”

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