Our Obsession about Tom and Gisele

Getting ready for The Blitz today, I scanned through several websites as I always do and was really surprised to see so many headlines about Tom Brady and his model wife Gisele. One headline on CBS Sports got my attention, “Gisele breaks silence on Tom Bray’s unretirement.” I wondered what that could be all about, I didn’t know she had been silent in the first place. Right before the Cowboys Bucs game on Sunday night I read a tweet from Gisele cheering for Tom and the Bucs. I love how much we all get so interested in the troubles of celebrities. Of course this has been going for years but the celebrity drama de jour belongs to Tom and Gisele. It seems to be well known that the power couple is having some marital issues, in fact one report I saw earlier this week said Tom is living in Tampa, alone.


Oh my goodness, could they be headed for a break up? I have to know!!. It appears that Gisele is not happy about Tom’s unretirement, she wants Tom to be daddy for a while. She says it’s his turn, she has sacrificed long enough. What will happen? Is this the beginning of the end? Already the questions about this season being the last for Brady, maybe it will be, maybe not. What if he wants to keep playing, will that be the end?  I have to know, I can’t stand the anticipation! Really I don’t care all that much, I hope Tom plays for many years to come.


But it’s not all about me believe it or not and I truly hope the marriage works out . In the meantime, we all get to live through the drama and wait and wonder how it will end. Which baffles me somewhat, it always has, but living through many episodes of the Bachelor, and the Kardasians over my life, I’ll get through this one as well.


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